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Zigui County People's Society Bureau provides special service for Gobija to carry out title appraisal and "through train"
SOURCE:    |    AUTHOR:    |    TIME:2015-05-15

On May 12, Zigui County Bureau of People's Society, in collaboration with Yichang City Office of Vocational Reform, conducted a special title evaluation in Hubei Gobija Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. A total of 12 professional and technical backbone participated in the evaluation of engineers and assistant engineers. The evaluation methods are interview and material review. Experts from Three Gorges University are invited to form a jury during the interview. The jury gives priority to the self-introduction of the respondents and expert questions. The jury evaluates comprehensively according to the respondents'replies and data review, and finally decides on the candidates.


Yu Guoqiang, General Manager of Gobija Company, participated in the Engineer Evaluation Interview

Gobija has been successfully appraised as "high-tech enterprise", "Hubei Photoelectric Glass Engineering Technology Center", "Hubei Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Innovation Award in 2013", "Hubei Key Industry Innovation Team in 2014" and other honorary titles. Its comprehensive strength has leaped to the top three in the same industry in China, with rapid development momentum. With the continuous expansion of the company's production scale and the continuous improvement of production technology, the company's demand for professional and technical personnel has increased. Especially, the promotion of professional and technical personnel has become an important bottleneck affecting the development of enterprises and the upgrading of enterprises'qualifications. This special evaluation is also based on the development of enterprises themselves.